There’s now a third source confirming Arsenal’s chase for the Porto youngster Diogo Leite.

After Zero Zero and The Guardian, it’s A Bola who claims the Gunners are after the 19-year-old defender.

The Portuguese outlet reports that Arsenal are keen on signing Leite in the summer, and ‘feed the illusion’ of paying less than €10m for him.

As their words make it clear, that amount shouldn’t be enough to take the player from Porto, and we explain why.

Firstly, there’s Liverpool’s competition. A Bola claims that the Reds are willing to offer €20m for Diogo Leite and Diogo Queirós, a double deal that basically puts them in front of Arsenal in the race.

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Also, if you recall Zero Zero’s report, they said that Arsenal would be willing to pay up to €15m, which is Diogo’s release clause. That would be because Porto weren’t interested in selling him for less than that.

So the €5m+ is a big difference between the two outlets, which could probably define if Leite would join the Gunners or not.