The Brazilian media is happy a striker from the country is doing well for Premier League leaders Manchester City, but they don’t forget that the same thing has been happening in the Championship as well.

Léo Bonatini was never much known in his home country, and has now been in the spotlight for the great start of the season he’s been having with Wolves since moving to the club in the summer.

The striker is currently Wolves’ top scorer this season with 10 goals, and has been crucial to keep the club on top of the table so far.

Interviewed by ESPN Brasil‘s show Futebol no Mundo on Tuesday, Bonatini spoke about this first season he’s having in England.

“Yeah, I was voted the best player here in Championship, was the top scorer too. The whole squad here is working hard, we are doing well, we are top of the table, and I think things are happening in the best possible way here.”

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Asked what are the peculiar characteristics of the Championship, Bonatini said: “Look, I think it’s a very competitive league. We speak of being a second division, but it’s a league where the atmosphere of the game feels like it’s the first division.

“It’s a very physical game, a very tactical game too, but I think what stands out for the difficulty is the physical competition of the opponents. They are opponents that are much stronger than where I could be, in Portugal, in Arabia, even in Brazil.

“What stands out here is very much the tactical discipline of all players. Which is a factor that makes it difficult to score goals, and also makes it easier to defend, because our teammates are very committed. So, if I could speak of one factor, it’s the physical strength really, it’s a different point here from the other places I’ve been.”

Bonatini was asked by former Milan striker Amoroso if he’s already an idol for Wolves fans, but claimed he can’t be labelled that for now: “No, I think that idol is a lot. I think I need to play a little longer. But it’s been a nice season. I was able to hit a record of scoring six goals in six consecutive league games, which didn’t happen for more than fifty years at the club.

“I think they are things that happen naturally with work, we don’t get under pressure to score the goals, even break those records and everything. But I’m glad I can help my club here and that things are happening in the best way possible.”

Earlier this month, rumours suggested that after Bonatini’s loan spell, Wolves would have to pay much more than the €5m buy option to avoid competition from other clubs. The amount could get to €20m.

But we were able to confirm that such a situation isn’t possible, since the clause in the contract can be activated by the Wolves at any time during the season.