Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri, who’s probably the nicest man in the Premier League, had a chat with Tutto Champions on Monday. The Italian boss talked about his achievements with Leicester, the Euros and, of course, Jamie Vardy’s situation.

When asked about the future, Ranieri said he’s already thinking of the next official match, which is the next season’s debut game against Manchester United for the Community Shield.

“Now we are already looking forward to next season. I already have Manchester in my head. This is a great group. I’m curious to see what we can do”.

On his top scorer Jamie Vardy, Ranieri claims there’s still hope to keep him for the next season.

“We want to keep Vardy. Arsenal said they pay the whole clause, but he still hasn’t accepted. He has the last word.”

The reporter said that many people expected Ranieri to be the next Italy manager, but he says he was never interested.

“I’ve led a national team and it did not go well. I’m more of a day-to-day man.”

If Ranieri wasn’t succh a nice man then it’d probably be easier for Vardy to leave.