According to RMC Sport in France, both Leicester and Stoke are interested in signing Matthias Phaëton from Guingamp in Ligue 1.

As intros go, that was rather boring for us, but those are the facts, and now we’ll go into a bit more detail.

Seen as a great prospect by the club, Phaëton, despite making his debut back in November, is said to be reconsidering his options, as the lack of minutes that ensued, and the fact he is no longer training with the first-team haven’t gone down well.

As things stand, the young forward has yet to sign his first professional contract, with negotiations in that department currently ongoing.

Once that is done, the idea within the Ligue 1 side would be to then loan him out to get some game time.

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However, the likes of Leicester and Stoke have a different idea in mind, wanting a full transfer and enquiring to that effect since a temporary deal doesn’t particularly excite them.

The answer from Guingamp to both the Foxes and the Potters for such a move was ‘that’s impossible’, but RMC Sport believe differently.

They reckon a bid of €800k, which is pocket change for English clubs (even for Stoke in the Championship) could make the Ligue 1 club think twice, meaning the door appears to remain open.

Prior to moving to Guingamp, the youngster was close to signing with Juventus.