Before Sevilla played Manchester United in the Champions League this week, Leicester City midfielder Vicente Iborra was invited by Estádio Deportivo to talk about his former club.

Besides claiming he’d be firmly supporting the Spanish side, the 30-year-old also responded to some personal questions about his life at the Foxes and the adaptation to English football.

Now as Sevilla prepare for the second leg, Iborra was once again interviewed by a local outlet, this time ABC de Sevilla. The questions weren’t much different, although the player opened up more about the friendships he has or had at the Premier League side.

First on the life in the UK, Iborra said: “We are pretty fine. We live in a very calm area, although we miss Spain a lot. There we made a lot of life with our teammates, we were closer to our friends and here it’s different. The food is good, because what we do not get here we ask for it online (laughs).”

Then he was asked if it was easy to convince his family to leave Sevilla for Leicester: “It is not easy, because what you want is for your family to be comfortable and happy. It’s true that we are fine here, but, from time to time, we miss things that we did with our teammates or with our family when they came to Sevilla.”

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Iborra talked about how different friendships are in English clubs, and was also asked about the departure of his friend Leonardo Ulloa: “Here they do not have the philosophy of making more life with their teammates. Many live far away and come to train every day from other cities. It’s something that surprised me, the club allows it and they prefer to live in their cities.

“It’s true that I had and still have a relationship with Leo. It was quite important support for me when I arrived. I like to talk to everyone, but since language is not the easiest, maybe with Adrien Silva, who speaks a little Spanish.”

Quizzed about Jamie Vardy, the midfielder said: “Vardy is a guy who is almost always in a good mood. It’s appreciated to have people with that character because in the day to day it makes everything easier for you and it is always better to be joking than not. ”

Finally, Iborra was asked about his future:” I have always said that going back to Levante is one of my goals. I wish to return to Spain, to live there and because I would like to play in the Spanish league, but I do not know when. I hope the road of Levante and mine will cross again.”

Come on Leicester players, take Iborra out somewhere.