Leicester want to sign a midfielder and Ndidi is the latest option

Belgian newspaper Het Belang van Limburg launched a story on Saturday claiming that Leicester City are seriously interested in Wilfred Ndidi.

That was followed up by the Belgian media, and led to claims on Monday of a monster bid going in for the Genk player. Leicester are said to be so keen on Wilfred Ndidi that they’ve proposed to pay Genk €18m with a further set of bonuses which could see that amount rise to €21m.

It’s not enough just yet for Genk, who are looking at something between €20m and €25m for one of their star players.

Het Belang van Limburg have carried the story on in their Monday edition and they tie Ndidi in with another Genk talent, Leon Bailey. It’s explained that whilst both players have been keen to stay at Genk until the current season finishes, but that could change.


If a huge bid arrived which pleased Genk, then it’s thought it may well be enough to please the individual player too, and therefore a transfer would be much the likelier. Leicester wanting Ndidi is described as ‘more than just a rumour’.

Dimitri de Condé, Genk’s sporting director, has been quoted across the Belgian media saying: “Ndidi and Bailey have both indicated that they want to stay until the end of the season. But suppose there comes a mega bid and in that scenario they suggest they want to go. Then it becomes very difficult to keep them here. ”

NdidiAfter the €20m – €25m amounts were put to, he said: Condé “You know we never communicate about transfer fees. But for players with their status it seems to me a justified amount, yes.”

Far be it from us to give Leicester City advice on pricing a transfer, but €20m + €3m in add-ons should do it, so €2m more than the claimed initial offer.

He couldn’t say it, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Condé would be thrilled to get such an offer from Leicester City for Ndidi. That’s not to doubt the 19 year old midfielder’s talent, but it’s such a huge sum for the club.

Luka Milivojevic of Olympiacos is another option.