Leicester City were responsible for paying for the commission of Islam Slimani’s agents, according Sporting’s official statement.

Capturar2The Portuguese side have released their financial reports from the season and said they didn’t spend a penny on commissions from the Slimani and João Mário sales.

In Portugal, this is considered a great move from the club, and was featured in A Bola’s and O Jogo’s Friday’s edition.

A Bola claims that the commission could reach up to 10% of the total transfer fee. So Leicester should be paying up to €3m to the agents Luca Bascherini and José Fouto Galván.

CapturarRecent reports from Portugal had already claimed that Leicester accepted to pay for Slimani’s former club percentage, which was an amount of €1.5m, payable via the solidarity scheme.

So it means that the Foxes have spent around €34.5m on the transfer, with a further €5m of bonuses still pending.

The third-party company Classico Sports owned 20% of Slimani’s economical rights, which Sporting managed to negotiate down and paid €4m for their share. The club ended up making €26m from the sale.