While plenty of transfers are simple affairs, with everyone reaching an agreement and shaking hands amicably, loads of them go the other way. Wesley Fofana’s potential move to Leicester falls into the latter category.

The Foxes want the defender to improve their defence, are willing to pay for him, and the player has made it clear he wants the move.

Saint Etienne, though, are not playing ball. Instead, they appear to be going out of their way to make the whole affair as unpleasant as possible, particularly for Fofana.

The player is in a horrid position, having outlined his desires pretty clearly and continuing to do so via social media, where he recently liked a video of Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers discussing the move.

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That’s seen him earn criticism from the Saint Etienne fanbase today, with one writer, Alexandre S, going into detail on fan site Peuple Vert.

He labels the player’s decision to ‘send messages’ through social networks as ‘disastrous’, particularly after his ‘deplored’ interview with L’Equipe.

As far as he’s concerned his actions and attitude are disastrous for his image as he knows full well that ‘he is being watched’ and that ‘every comment fuels controversy’.

Alexandre warns that the player, who is handling the situation with ‘cold blood’ on the pitch, risks ‘leaving a bitter taste’ in fans’ mouths as they will only remember these actions, regardless of the big money they’ll likely end up taking from Leicester.

He does argue that Fofana is ‘quite right’ to think about his career and his bank account by pushing for a move but argues that his current methods lack class.

Indeed, he pleads with the defender to ‘keep your class and your cool’ and ‘respect the club off the pitch’ like he does on it.

Essentially it’s a request from a fan for Fofana to act with a little bit more caution and decorum and save himself the hassle in a transfer that has gotten slightly nasty very quickly.