Leicester City defender Luis Hernández has given an interview to the EFE Agency (via El Desmarque) on Wednesday, talking about life at the club before and after the Premier League title.

Asked which player has surprised him most, Hernández said: “I was surprised by the club itself. Because after being champions last year, it’s still very humble, with working people who have things very clear.”

The defender sent a lot of praise to the manager Claudio Ranieri, saying he’s in the right place at the Foxes: “Ranieri is a manager who is very close to the footballers. He has much experience, he’s been at many clubs. He’s come to a good club for him and is doing things very well. He’s a normal kind, who speaks very clearly. We’re all very happy with him.

“It’s a club who have been doing things very well for years, not only in the last season. It’s growing little by little.”

Hernandéz was also questioned about who’s his best friend in the squad: “Generally I get along very well with everyone. My adaptation has been very easy thanks to them and to the staff. I have no major problems with English, but, because of language, maybe I have more of a relationship with Ulloa.”

And on a possible Champions League title, the 27-year-old doesn’t show much confidence about it. “I didn’t know the story of Nottingham and their European Cups. It’s clear it’s very difficult that Leicester can win the Champions with the big teams there. But, meanwhile, it’s preparing to be a big club as well, in the coming years.”