In the past few days, many stories from the Portuguese press have been reporting the chances of Adrien Silva returning to Sporting, especially after the player confirmed his wish to make the move.

The local media has been very positive about it, as they always welcome the big signings which local clubs could make.

However, in an interesting column from newspaper O Jogo today, journalist Luís Freitas Lobo brings a few doubts regarding the future of the Leicester City player.

He says that since the failed move to the Foxes in 2017, when the midfielder had to wait for six months before making his debut for the club, there’s been a ‘break’ in his career which he can’t overcome.

The piece starts with big praise for Silva, saying he’s one of the few midfielders who can do a great job with the abilities of a number 6 and a number 8.

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However, it’s said that ‘talent needs stimulus’, and Adrien Silva is the kind of player ‘whose potential depends on the habitat’.

Regarding the loan spell at Monaco, Lobo says that despite the good teams the French side builds, there’s never a big stimulus for the players who feature for them.

That’s why the columnist believes that a move back to Sporting would be too ‘soft’ for Adrien Silva’s career, as the player would need a more challenging place that would bring him back to his real potential.