Adrien Silva obviously wasn’t very happy when his transfer from Sporting to Leicester City went through too late. Despite the problems, and the reason for the paperwork being late being an issue between the two clubs, Adrien feels like he’s been hit the hardest.

Going from being Sporting captain to not being allowed to play, and at first being blocked from training, Adrien has faced a big blow to his career.

The midfielder was inevitably going to speak about the situation sooner or later, but has had to calm down first. Record quote the Leicester City player as saying: “I wanted to talk, the injustice was very great. I was disgusted by this, but the people calmed me, they advised me to I had to let go of a painful time to express myself in a calmer, less aggressive way. It was the best decision.”

Adrien seems to want people in Portugal to know that he gave up a lot to make the Leicester transfer go through. Whilst the player doesn’t talk about specifics, it seems he let Sporting take all of the money, and didn’t push for any payments due to him.

On that aspect, Portugal’s Publico quote Adrien as saying: “The negotiations for my transfer to Leicester were very difficult. I had to make a lot of concessions to Sporting, I will not talk about them, it’s between me and the club, but I want to make it clear that I had to give up things so that negotiations could go forward… I felt a great disillusionment with everything that happened, which I was not responsible for, but I am the big loser.”

Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho has a reputation of being tough in negotiations, sometimes to the point of going beyond reason. Maybe one day Adrien Silva will tell the full story, after he’s actually started playing for Leicester City.