Leicester City midfielder Adrien Silva is having a story aired on Portuguese TV tonight, where the player will be interviewed by a… tailor.

As Paulo Batista makes suits for the national team players, he also speaks to the country’s stars in a show called ‘Seleção à medida’.

Newspaper Record had access to some bits of the interview, which seems very relaxed, as Paulo and Adrien are friends.

Interestingly, the national team isn’t really the main subject of the quotes brought by Record, as most of them are about the player’s adaptation to Leicester City and the Premier League.

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“It’s a good experience, I was needing this challenge,” said Adrien (via Record).

Speaking of English football, Adrien Silva has compared the league to video games, especially for the way the referees handle the matches.

“That doesn’t stop, there are no fouls. It’s like in FIFA, they go to the options and take out the fouls.”

“It seems like it never stops. That’s why it’s a very good experience. I had to do three games here to do one of the English league.”

The player has also claimed that when he first got to Leicester City, most of the people knew him better from his Euro 2016 title than for his club career: “I was better known as a European champion than as a Sporting player.”