Even though the presidential elections for Sporting are happening a week after the transfer window closed, the candidates are already working to bring new players to the club.

Earlier today, we covered Madeira Rodrigues’ quotes saying John Terry could be joining the Lions in case he’s elected.

Now this Tuesday afternoon, outlet Record brings an interesting story saying that candidate José Maria Ricciardi could bring Adrien Silva back from Leicester City.

Record claims that Silva and Ricciardi have an agreement in principle, and will have the transfer negotiated with the Foxes in case the candidate is elected next Saturday.

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It’s said that neither Adrien Silva or José Maria Ricciardi will confirm these negotiations before the candidate is elected, especially to protect the midfielder’s situation at Leicester.

The meetings were considered to be pretty positive, handled by the candidate’s football men José Eduardo and Marco Caneira. Now it will depend on the elections and, of course, Sporting’s wish to negotiate.