Even though Sporting seem to be working hard to bring Islam Slimani back to the club this summer, this signing is proving to be a difficult challenge for the Lisbon side.

The Portuguese press has two stories about the situation today. One of them is from A Bola, who claims that the salary picked up by the striker at Leicester City is impossible for the Lions to afford.

Newspaper O Jogo has a different take, saying Slimani has already accepted a return to Sporting on a loan deal. The problem is that the Foxes don’t want him to go this way.

After loaning the player to Newcastle United last season, Leicester now only want Slimani moving if he goes permanently, so they can recover part of the €30m spent on him in 2016.

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With many other clubs being linked to the Algerian international, Leicester will favour any other move that takes the player for good.

The relationship between Slimani and Sporting is still pretty good.

The Lisbon side congratulated the striker fon his birthday earlier this month, as a clear sign that he’s still much appreciated at Alvalade. And last month, when Slimani played for Algeria in Lisbon, he took a picture at the Alvalade stadium calling it ‘home’.