On Wednesday, Portuguese newspaper Record had a story claiming Leicester City are still interested in Benfica right-back André Almeida.

They said the Foxes have the player as an alternative in the case they sell Ricardo Pereira this summer, and it’s Lee Congerton who was said to have ‘confided’ the club’s plans.

Now since Rafa Silva has just renewed his contract with the Eagles, Record brings a short article saying Almeida will be the next to do so.

This is nothing new, since Almeida’s renewal has been close for a while.

But Record has some interesting details about this new deal.

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They say that despite a lengthy extension and a pay raise, the €30m release clause which protects the player at Benfica is not expected to be changed.

They once again say that Leicester City are interested in him to replace Ricardo Pereira, and claim that Almeida is only getting a new deal due to the great season he’s had.

Since an amount of €30m is certainly affordable for a Premier League side, Almeida has probably come to an agreement with Benfica where he extends his contract, but is also assured that he’s leaving if a good bid arrives.