With Leicester City and Everton both looking for new managers, we would expect the clubs to be in a race against eachother for the signing of a new boss.

But it turns out that The Foxes seem to have some other kind of competition, and that’s coming from South America.

On Monday, we already covered a story which said that in case Manuel Pellegrini leaves China, then he would have both Leicester and the Chilean national team as new options.

Then on Tuesday, we covered the big attention rumours of interest in Matias Almeyda was getting in Mexico. According to The Mirror, he would be one of the names on the list.

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But now the manager is also being linked to the job in Chile, and even teased with it when speaking to El Grafico: “I’ve been reading something. Who wouldn’t? Chile have a great team.”

With no new reports about the rumour, the Leicester City interest has gone quiet since that Mirror story, making the chase sound quite cold now.

When taking a look at the South American news today, Almeyda looks much closer to Chile than to the Foxes, with obviously a bit of his own help after the quotes.

And considering today’s confidence from the French press saying Claude Puel could be announced soon, it seems the Foxes are more ready to keep things European.

Maybe next time.