Just like their team, Leicester City fans have apparently failed to impress on their away trip to Porto.

Hosting the Foxes was something taken with great excitement by the Portuguese press. They’ve interviewed the fake Jamie Vardy, covered the fans’ walks through the city, spoke to those who didn’t have tickets for the game, and obviously, made headlines for guys who said they were drinking their tenth beer.

But as Porto thrashed Leicester 5-0, there wasn’t much for the English fans to sing about. And O Jogo seem a little disappointed with that, as they mentioned it in their Thursday edition.

CapturarThe newspaper reports that 2500 Leicester City fans stayed in silence for the entire game. Despite some initial signings, they got discouraged as Porto were scoring the goals, and subsequently the fans didn’t make any noise.

O Jogo claims that the Foxes fans only reacted after the final whistle, when they applauded the players as they already knew the club had a spot in the Champions League knockout stages.