Leicester City’s season in the Championship has apparently not changed the Foxes’ scouting habits.

According to Portuguese newspaper O Jogo, the English club were one of those who had a representative at Porto’s match against Portimonense on Sunday.

The story claims the list of visitors was shorter than usual, and Leicester City were one of the clubs who made sure to be there, although there are no details on who they could be watching.

Porto beat Portimonense 1-0, with Evanilson scoring the winner and also being named the man of the match.

Other players from the Dragons such as Diogo Costa and Zé Pedro may have also drawn positive notes from Leicester City’s scout.

As the Foxes’ market this summer was much more focused on big departures than arrivals, it’s been a while since they were last linked to Porto players, so it’s hard to imagine who they were really keeping an eye on in this game.

Perhaps the Portuguese media will soon come with that answer, although there’s still some time for observations before the opening of the next transfer window.