When the Portuguese press was reporting Leicester City’s deal to take Ricardo Pereira from Porto, they claimed that some of the bonuses agreed would be quite easy to achieve.

The Foxes have officialy paid an initial €20m fee for the right-back’s transfer, with other €5m in undisclosed add-ons.

But now it turns out that just a couple of weeks after the transfer was made annnounced, Leicester City are already spending €2m more on the signing.

The revelation was made by the Porto director Francisco J. Marques, who claimed that part of the bonuses are already being paid by the Premier League side.

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“FC Porto can spend as much money as it makes on transfers, and now it can spend €34m, €22m from Ricardo Pereira, because to the 20 of the sale two more can be added, and another 12 million from Boly, because Wolverhampton have already activated the option”, said Marques (via O Jogo).

As Ricardo Pereira has obviously not played any matches since the transfer, it would only make sense if the bonus was related to a World Cup call up. But as Portugal’s list was out before the move to Leicester was made official, why wasn’t it included in the official fee?