Leeds United defender Pontus Jansson has told the Swedish media it was the best option to travel to travel by helicopter to last night’s game against Germany so he didn’t infect any of his teammates.

A sickness bug has been affecting the Sweden squad in the past week and Jansson in the past few days has fallen victim to it.

Speaking to Fotbollskanalen, the Leeds United player was asked about the decision to send him by helicopter to Sochi, with two of his Swedish teammates: “It was probably the best solution we stayed in the hotel. There were many who were infected. There were many who during their flight yesterday were nervous about being infected as well.

“So I think it was the best solution what we did. But maybe it was a bit tougher for us to travel just before the match, it was a long day for us three in the helicopter.”

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Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof has been Sweden’s highest profile player to be affected by the bug sweeping the camp, but this opened the door for Jansson earlier in the tournament.

Jansson replaced the Manchester United player for the opening game against South Korea, enabling the Leeds United star to make his World Cup debut.

However, with Lindelof recovering and Jansson falling ill, the former Benfica man returned to the side last night for the 2-1 loss to Germany.