Every Boca Juniors rumour becomes big in the Argentine press, and it can draw even more attention if Marcelo Bielsa is involved in it.

Recent stories have been claiming that Leeds United are chasing Cagliari midfielder Nahitan Nández, and website El Intransigente has something to say about it today.

They bring a headline which states: “No madness! Bielsa wants to give Boca several million euros in the next transfer market.”

The reason for that stance is that when selling the midfielder to Cagliari last year, the Buenos Aires side kept 10% of a future transfer.

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El Intransigente sounds very optimistic about the move today. They claim that Leeds United had several targets in the last transfer window, but seem more focused on Nández this time, and decided to ‘put the money’ they had for other names aside for this chase.

With rumours claiming the Whites could spend €40m on the player, the website points out that Boca Juniors would get €4m out of the blue.

Even though El Intransigente sound pretty sure about Leeds going for Nandez, we must point out they love hyping up rumours, especially if it involves good news for Boca Juniors.

As the January window gets closer, it’ll be interesting to see if these claims build in Italy.