Things have gone quite silent around Chris Willock in the past few days, but it’s all because the player’s situation at Benfica hasn’t changed a bit.

The 19-year-old is still on the club’s transfer list for the January market, according to Portuguese newspaper Record today. But no moves have been made, even with the transfer window open.

Even though the Eagles trust his potential to become a useful player, there’s no sense in keeping him in Lisbon now, since he isn’t getting any playing time. That’s why a loan until the end of the season will be easily accepted.

But Record doesn’t seem to be sure of the clubs who are chasing him, and that’s why they only take claims from the English press to say Leeds United, Newcastle United, Bournemouth, and Millwall would be on the list.

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In late December, we pointed out that Leeds United could turn out to be the most interesting option out of those four.

But it’s looking like no one has made a real move yet, so it’s natural to doubt that Leeds, or any other English club, was really interested in first place.

With Willock very much available, time will tell.