If there’s one thing you can’t get away with at Bayern Munich, it’s say anything negative about Robert Lewandowski or do anything to him in general.

For good reason, the Bundesliga club strongly value their Polish star, and yet Michaël Cuisance, who has allegedly been targeted by Leeds United, apparently didn’t get the memo.

According to Bild on Monday, the midfielder was involved in a training altercation with his Bayern Munich teammate amid rumours he could be on his way to Elland Road.

The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand, but if you want to have a future at the Bavaria club, annoying their star player probably isn’t the way to go.

Earlier on Monday, it was announced by L’Equipe that Leeds were close to reaching an agreement for the French midfielder, whom Marcelo Bielsa reportedly sees as the missing piece at Elland Road.

Fast forward a handful of hours, and Bild are reporting that during a training game, Lewandowski fouled Cuisance, leaving him writhing on the ground, where he remained with a ‘pained face’.

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Hansi Flick let the game go on, and when the midfielder finally got up, he started ‘gesticulating wildly’ after his teammate, ‘scolding the top striker’.

Lewandowski didn’t respond, giving the Leeds target the ‘cold shoulder’ without giving him a look.

Cuisance was quickly consoled by his manager, who had a conversation with him before ‘taking him in his arms’.

The striker, however, didn’t follow in Flick’s footsteps, as, when taking another look at his teammates after the training session, ‘there were no conciliatory words in the direction of Cuisance’.

Maybe Lewandowski had heard about the Leeds news and wanted to let the Frenchman what he thought of it?

Who knows, but it’s a bit of excitement ahead of what could be a very interesting next few days for Cuisance.