Earlier today, we’ve started covering the very interesting interview that Leeds United winger Pablo Hernandez has given to Spanish outlet Marca.

In that first part, the player spoke mostly about the current stage of his career, where he’s been breaking his personal records of goals, assists and appearances.

But a good part of the interview was especially about Marcelo Bielsa. Marca had a lot to ask about Leeds’ new manager, and the player didn’t mind saying how much he trusts the new boss.

Marca first recalled that Hernandez had other big managers like Unai Emery, Quique Flores and Michael Laudrup, and asked what Bielsa has to be special.

“I’ve had very good coaches. I remember, yes, that the signing of Bielsa made me very happy. He is a recognized manager, with charisma… It has taken little to see that he is special because of the demand, the methods and the way of training he has. It’s different from what you’re used to, but it’s nice to see that, at 33, you’re still learning”, Hernandez told Marca.

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Regarding Bielsa’s tactical obsession, Hernandez said: “We work a lot on tactics. It’s the preseason, and I’ve had a few where I’ve worked more. It has been an important change after several years. It requires doing overtime and repetitions to improve.”

On the manager’s relationship with players, the player revealed: “He likes to develop his ideas and explain why, either individually or collectively. He’s a leader. When he speaks everyone is silent and listens. Hopefully, it will help us win many games and go up.”

Marca also had Hernandez what Bielsa has been asking him personally: “I have returned to my origins, to Pablo Hernández of Valencia. After a while playing on the center or on the left, I returned to the right side.”

On the three-hour work catching garbage to acknowledge the time fans have to work to buy a Leeds United match ticket, the player said: “It was a peculiar exercise, but positive. I think it helps to put your feet on the ground, to know that we are privileged and to approach the day to day of what is lived in the stands.”

Finally, regarding the extended training sessions, which has been revealed by the English media, the player says: “We want to win and go up. If it’s good for him, it’s welcome”.