The Division 1 play-off between Karlberg BK and IFK Lulea has been getting a lot of attention in Sweden over the past few days, including from several payers from the national team.

The Sweden squad is currently in Paris as they prepare for their game with France, but this didn’t stop the likes of Pontus Jansson’s and John Guidetti piling into a hotel room last night to watch the crucial match.

Aftonbladet have reported on the interest the play-offs have been getting in the country, and explain that thousands of people were expected to watch the game online. Leeds United’s Jansson and Celta Vigo’s Guidetti were two Swedish stars who were following the clash between Karlberg BK and IFK Lulea very closely.

Jansson took to Twitter to say he was determined to watch the game, and refused to sleep until the match was over. Guidetti posted similar comments revealing he was excited about the play-off, and he too wouldn’t be going to sleep in Paris.

“I refuse to sleep until this game is over!,” said the Leeds United defender via social media.

However, despite Jansson’s best efforts to watch the game last night it was called off due to the snow storms currently happening in Sweden.