It seems that whenever the German media can publish a negative story about Pierre-Michel Lasogga they will.

Back in October, after Lasogga had enjoyed a good start and was Leeds United Player of the Month, Hamburger Abendblatt wrote a piece on the player and his new club… and made it as negative as possible.

The German newspaper presented Leeds as a post industrial hell-hole, and suggested Lasogga, who at that time was a big deal among fans, wasn’t really making any impact among the support.

Since then Lasogga has dropped off so much he’s given reason for critical articles.

Germany’s Die Welt explain the striker was forced out of Hamburg in the summer, and after a reasonable start his Leeds experience has gone sour.

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Suggesting the player is on his way out of Elland Road, they explain he’s already a figure of ‘mockery’ in England, with Leeds looking for a new striker.

The player’s ability and skill are questioned, and the problem of what Hamburg are going to do with him is brought up.

It’s a shame Lasogga wasn’t able to keep up his good start, if only to shut up his strangely over eager critics in Germany.