Gazzetta di Modena have still been having daily updates on Jerry Mbakogu potentially moving to Leeds United this summer, but there hasn’t really been a lot to report.

Carpi’s local newspaper have been absolutely insistent that despite claims otherwise in England, Leeds United haven’t told the Serie B club they now have no interest in a deal.

Leeds may have said they won’t use the option, but that expired at the end of June and was for more than the Championship would have had to pay anyway.

For the past week or so the stance has been that not a lot is happening, talks are continuing (dubbed ping-pong at one stage) but there’s confidence at Carpi that Leeds United won’t mess them around, despite that clearly looking like what’s happening if Gazzetta di Modena are correct.

There’s been a trust in Italians negotiating with Italians.

On Wednesday the newspaper says Carpi are worried that Leeds stalling could ‘mess up the cards on the table’ to sign Mbakogu’s supposed replacement, Federico Malchiorri. He’s been prepared to wait, but that could change quickly.

There’s every chance Mbakogu is being kept as Leeds United’s last case scenario.