Felix Wiedwald’s first season at Leeds United probably hasn’t been quite what he expected.

Leaving Werder Bremen angry after they brought in another goalkeeper, the sale of Wiedwald was seen as a mistake by many in Germany at the time. His decision to immediately leave and go to Championship club Leeds United was also seen as somewhat curious.

In the successful days earlier in the campaign it all made sense, and there were reports in Germany about Wiedwald landing on his feet at Elland Road and looking like he could be in the Premier League next season with Leeds.

Things quickly changed and it appears clear Leeds United aren’t counting on Wiedwald as their unquestioned first choice going forward.

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This week the club congratulated the goalkeeper on his birthday and the replies were full of mockery from Leeds United fans. That reaction has made its way to Germany and been reported on by Weser Kurier.

It’s embarrassing for Wiedwald and it would be no surprise if he looks for a quick return to Germany in the summer, where there’s likely to still be some interest.