Leeds United signing Rodrigo Moreno is a big deal, both in England and Spain. In the latter, the response has been structured around the difficulties Valencia are facing, and that they’re selling one of their major players to a newly promoted club.

Valencia are in serious financial trouble, and have already sold several key players this summer. There’s anger around the club about how things have been managed in recent years, and what’s going on right now.

Generally, that hasn’t seen a backlash against Leeds, with it being accepted Marcelo Bielsa’s side is a worthy club, and returning to the big time after being a sleeping giant.

One man, though, has taken aim at the Yorkshire side. Manolo Mata, a spokesman for the PSPV political party (a socialist group in Valencia), sent out a tweet saying: ‘And Rodrigo signs for the English Huesca…’

Leeds United fans will be happy to know that this saw a big response from Spanish football fans, with nearly all the comments defending the Elland Road club.

As covered by Es Diario, one response was: ‘A politician messing up when he talks. Huesca would like to have the structure, money, social mass, history, stadium, etc. that Leeds United has. Before you tweet something, make sure you don’t mess up. It doesn’t cost that much, even if you don’t have the secretary on duty by your side.’

Mata is a Levante supporter, and his comment has caused such annoyance, with it being seen as both an attack on Leeds and mockery of Valencia, that some replies even suggested it could harm PSPV at the next elections.