Marcelo Bielsa is fondly known as El Loco in his native Argentina, and is very much a legend for fans of Newell’s Old Boys.

He played for the club and it’s also where he came through as a manager, taking them to the 1992 Copa Libertadores final.

Bielsa may currently be at Leeds United, and he’s managed eight clubs and two countries since leaving Newell’s, but his heart is likely to remain with the Rosario club.

Argentina’s Ole report that Bielsa has shown how much the club still means to him, by donating $2.5m for a building to house Newell’s players before matches and when there’s breaks from training.

The Leeds boss and his family are said to have been heavily involved in developing the centre, and there’s a balcony with a barbecue for the team to enjoy that all important Argentina cuisine.

On top of that is a games room, and video facilities… so players can be shown endless hours of games by would-be Bielsa’s.

Invited to the opening of the facilities along with his family, the 63 year old is probably going to have to miss it due to his Leeds United commitments.