There’s part of the Argentine media which perhaps became overexcited with Leeds United’s recent transfer rumours.

With the Whites’ promotion to the Premier League, there’s been an impressive number of stories about Marcelo Bielsa’s targets, especially regarding players from the manager’s home country.

One of these rumours was about River Plate defender Lucas Martinez Quarta, who’s now been linked to Real Bétis as well.

Outlet El Intransigente reports the Spanish side’s interest today as a big blow for Leeds.

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They say it ‘seemed like Quarta’s future was in England with Leeds United’s shirt’, but the call from Bétis may now change everything.

They cover the rumours which say the La La side are willing to spend €12m on the defender, and write that this is the amount Marcelo Bielsa’s side were willing to offer, but the English side never made it clear how. Leeds also ‘didn’t communicate’ the details of their proposed offer.

The Championship season has barely come to an end, and there’s a long transfer window ahead. So El Intransigente are sounding far too desperate for Leeds United to sign their targets. Perhaps they’ll become calmer as they see this is not how the European market works.