Another day, another update from the Salernitana based newspaper on Andrea Radrizzani’s attempts to buy the newly promoted Serie A club.

We won’t bore you with too many previous details, but the gist is the club have until the end of the calendar year to find a new owner, and the Leeds United businessman has been trying to convince them with an offer for a while.

A trust was formed to ensure more time was given to secure the right deal, and while there were hints that Radrizzani would give up if the trust were to be given the green light, that hasn’t been the case.

In fact, La Città, relayed by Salerno Notizie, explain the Leeds owner is ‘serious’ about wanting to buy the club.

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He has now ‘sent an email to those who currently manage the ownership’, expressing his ‘concrete desire’ to take over.

It will ‘now be up to the trustee to decide on the seriousness and fairness of the Leeds owner’s offer’, who has ‘asked for a meeting to check the terms of the club’s purchase’.

There is an evaluation process to undergo first, but it’s clear that Radrizzani wants another club alongside the Elland Road team, and Salernitana is his best bet, especially when it comes to Serie A sides.