RB Leipzig are officially taking Leeds United to court to try and get the money they believe they are owed for striker Jean-Kevin Augustin.

That’s according to BILD, who cover the situation today and say that the issue is ‘far from closed’ despite Augustin being close to a move to France.

The striker has found himself in limbo for the last few months, with neither Leeds nor Leipzig wanting him and both claiming he belonged to the other.

That issue is yet to be resolved, and the player has since officially signed for Nantes in France.

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That, though, will not bring an end to the dispute between Leipzig and Leeds. Officially the striker is meant to belong to the latter but they ‘don’t want him’ and have refused to pay the purchase option they agreed on when he signed on loan in January.

The dispute between the two clubs is ongoing but because Leeds did not pay an agreed instalment at the end of September, the lawyers are now in charge.

Leipzig officially ‘sued’ Leeds at FIFA last week and the whole affair is now in the hands of football’s governing body.

In truth, the dispute has caused a little confusion at the German club, with commercial director of sport Florian Scholz and sporting director Markus Krösche both commenting on it to the newspaper.

“Jean-Kevin Augustin has not been a player at RB Leipzig since the promotion of Leeds United,” says Scholz.

“Our view of the law has not changed – we will take legal action against Leeds and turn on FIFA.

“Regardless of our claims against Leeds United, we would be delighted if Jean-Kevin could be back on the football field.”

“Why Leeds act the way they do, I cannot judge very well” adds Krösche.

“Now it’s our lawyers’ turn. When the contracts were signed back then, everyone was aware that the contracts are clear.

“I hope for a quick solution because there is also a player and a person behind it.”