As the Mexican media spent the whole year urging Raúl Jiménez to leave Wolverhampton Wanderers, we wouldn’t expect anything different now that the club has been knocked out of the Europa League.

Following Wolves’ defeat to Sevilla, ESPN Mexico journalist Sergio Dipp published a story claiming it’s time for the striker to leave Molineux.

He says the club is now too ‘small’ for Mexico’s biggest star, and the ‘best thing to do’ is ‘change the air’ this summer.

Being knocked out of the Europa League isn’t the only problem pointed out. The writer shows disappointment with Wolves’ season in the Premier League as well, saying Jiménez ‘was left empty-handed in seventh place on the island, because he lacks talent around him. Unfair collective end for such a positive personal performance’.

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He insists the 29-year-old has done ‘everything’ at Wolverhampton, and now it’s time for him to go and take a bigger challenge somewhere else.

Another argument used to take Jiménez out of Wolves is the possible departure of Adama Traore this summer. The journalist claims that without the Catalan player, the striker wouldn’t have as many chances to score.

Sergio Dipp finishes his story telling Jiménez to ‘Leave Wolverhampton now’.

That’s a clear sign that the love between the Mexican media and the Premier League side, which had been so big in the past couple of years, is now far gone.