On Monday, we covered part of Roberto Pereyra’s interview with Goal Argentina, in which he talked about his return to the national team and the chance to play with the likes of Lionel Messi and Paolo Dybala.

Now Goal has published another part of the chat, and they’ve made a so called ‘ping pong interview’, making short questions and expecting quick answers from the Watford star.

On the quick-fire answers, Pereyra mentioned Vikings as his favourite TV show, Ulises Bueno as his favourite singer and Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany as the hardest opponent he’s ever faced.

On the number of tattoos he has, Pereyra couldn’t have an certain response: “I don’t know, honestly I’m not sure. At least 15, easy.”

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On his favourite food, he said: ‘Here they have fish every day, fish and salad. That is my favourite food here. Outside of England, the milanese.”

Finally asked about five people he would invite for a dream dinner party, dead or alive, Pereyra could only think of fellow players, and even one from Watford: “Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Stéfano Okaka, Ronaldinho, Maradona and Roberto Pereyra. All footballers.”