On Wednesday, it was announced that Lazio’s Curva Nord at the Stadio Olimpico would be closed for the Serie A club’s game in the Europa League against Celtic next month.

The decision from UEFA came following racist behaviour from fans during the 2-1 win over Rennes on October 3rd, and the charge ‘also imposes a one-year probationary period which, if broken, will result in a home European tie being played behind closed doors’.

Lazio released their own statement on what they saw as a ‘deeply damaging’ penalty, but there was a sigh of relief from the Celtic end, since close to 9000 fans are expected to travel for the game.

However, those who normally sit in the Curva Nord, which includes the Irrudicibili Ultras, didn’t take too kindly to the sentence, as they release their own statement, relayed by Cittaceleste.

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They said: “It is a fantozziana (preposterous) sentence because the weakest team is always punished in these situations. In Rome, it’s easier to be hit by such strange sentences, the Lazio fan is paying the consequences. Against Celtic, the contribution of the (Curva) Nord would be needed, since they will come to the capital 10,000 strong”.

They continued by saying that they were amazed that ‘such a thing can lead to a decision like this’, but they made it clear ‘there are other places where you can assert your ideals’, inciting ‘everyone to come on Saturday with scarves and flags to cheer even stronger than against Atalanta’ as ‘colouring the Olimpico’ will be their ‘answer’.

The game against Celtic will take place on November 7th where a win for Neil Lennon’s men could be crucial in their bid to make it to the knockout rounds, as they currently sit top of Group E after two games with four points.