Lazar Markovic arrived at Anderlecht on loan as the winter window was closing.

So late was the transfer that there was no time for a medical and Anderlecht’s doctor had to take the word of Liverpool’s doctor that the Serbian was in good shape.

Then followed a whole string of articles in the Belgian media which consisted of Markovic being derided and his fitness torn to shreds. There were even concerns the player wouldn’t be fit enough to appear at all for Anderlecht this season, so far behind was he.

Put on a special training programme, the Liverpool owned player has surprised everyone by getting in the team and doing relatively well.

He scored at the weekend for the first time in 364 days and afterwards spoke to the media. Belgian newspaper DH have some quotes from Markovic, and it’s clear he’s unhappy with his parent club.

When it was put to him that the goal clearly meant a lot, Markovic said: “It’s to show that I’m still the same player, to show the people at Liverpool that they can’t treat me that way.”

Pressed why he feels such a way and is taking it personally, the footballer said: “Yes, it’s okay to take it personally when you are not let go because they’re asking for an unrealistic transfer amount.”

Then when asked if he was just letting the emotion of the match and his goal get to him, Markovic said: “No, I’ve been thinking about it for months, that’s what I think.”