Wolverhampton Wanderers fullback Fernando Marçal has agreed to a deal with Botafogo, according to reports from Brazil.

It’s Globo Esporte who writes that the player is signing a two-year contract with the Rio de Janeiro side, with an option for extension.

Marçal’s contract with Wolves is expiring next month, and therefore, he’s joining Botafogo on a free move.

The 33-year-old is set to arrive in Brazil in two weeks, and since the clubs can only sign players from abroad by the end of July, it will still take a while until he joins them.

Globo Esporte’s story gets interesting because they managed to confirm the deal with lawyer Daniel Petrocelli, who made many comments about Botafogo.

“The news was not supposed to have leaked, but everyone already knew of the interest of both parties in this business. We reached an agreement and the athlete has already signed the contract with Botafogo.

“The club was super professional in the business from the first conversations to the signing, valuing the athlete who had an excellent year in the Premier League. Fernando even said goodbye to his Wolwerhampton teammates. Now it’s time to wait for Botafogo’s official announcement.”

And it turns out that Botafogo didn’t like his quotes. In an official statement, they claimed that the representative should not be making the deal public.

“Contrary to what was reported in a story published on “” this Monday (30), Botafogo clarifies that it does not recognize and has no relationship with lawyer Daniel Petrocelli, who gave statements about the negotiations between the Club and the athlete Marçal.”

“Botafogo disallows said lawyer to make any mention of the Club and its relations with the market. Negotiations with the athlete Marçal are ongoing and the Football Department has addressed the issue directly with the athlete, his representatives and lawyers.”

Still, Marçal’s arrival should soon be confirmed by the club, as he’d already confirmed that the talks were on for a move once he got to leave Wolves at the end of his deal.