Sport says it’s done: Gabriel Jesus is joining Manchester City.

The Catalan newspaper claims that Palmeiras and Cristiano Simões, the player’s agent, have both accepted City’s €32m bid for the youngster.

Jesus will reportedly sign a five-year contract. As it was his desire to stay at Palmeiras at least until the end of the year, he’ll be able to play the complete Brazilian season and then Pep Guardiola will decide if he wants the 19-year-old at City in January.

If not, then the player can make the transfer next summer. We reckon it’s very likely that Palmeiras would push for that, because that would mean the striker would be able to play the Libertadores next season, which goes from February to July.

Sport says that City’s bid has won the race against Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Also worth remembering that five clubs (United, Madrid, Barça, PSG and Bayern) could’ve bought him for only €24m due to a clause in his contract.

The newspaper claims that the Palmeiras will get €9.6 (30%), Gabriel will receive €8m (25%) and the agents Cristiano Simões and Fabio Caran will have €7.2m (22.5%) each, due to the shares of the player’s economic rights.

This Wednesday, UOL had already reported City’s €32m offer, so Sport’s story makes sense.

However, the same journalist has published an update this morning saying that nothing is done. Palmeiras have reacted well to the bid and the talks are ongoing. The negotiations with the agents are also happening.

Perrone claims that despite having only 30%, Palmeiras want 60% of the amount. That’s basically what we’ve said in yesterday’s article: if City don’t pay the complete release clause (€40m), Palmeiras have the power to negotiate however they want. Otherwise, the Brazilian club can simply turn the bid down.

But even with only 30%, City’s offer is already very good for the Brazilians. That’s because if one of those selected clubs pay €24m, Palmeiras would have only €7.2m from that amount, with no chance of asking for more. So despite all this pushing, we reckon City’s bid is enough for them to sell.

Now the talk seems to be between Palmeiras, the player and his agents. Some of them will have to give away a part of their share.

Good luck with that, Gabriel.