Barcelona newspaper Sport aren’t letting go of their Andre Gomes to Tottenham story, despite the rest of the Spanish media largely ignoring it.

After Everton’s final game of the season, manager Marco Silva made it clear he wants to keep the midfielder beyond the current season and said the Toffees will do everything they can to make that happen.

However, and this could be key, Silva also said Gomes hasn’t yet made it clear what he wants to do.

The midfielder has spent the season on loan from Barcelona and for a long time it was considered almost a formality that he’d be the subject of a permanent transfer to Everton.

Last week Sport reported that Tottenham have been in talks with the player’s agents and there’s an agreement that a €30m offer will be submitted shortly.

Sport say Everton ‘know’ that Gomes ‘approaches’ a transfer to Tottenham, and they believe Silva’s comments underline this.

Despite that, it’s still not really taking off in Spain and there remains the possibility that Spurs interest, or at least claims of it, could be a tool to pressure Everton into closing a deal quickly.