Grand old Italian newspaper La Stampa report on Friday that Gareth Bale is about to be kicked out of the Guinness Book of World Records, and replaced with Paul Pogba.

If we all ignore the true cost of Barcelona signing Neymar, it’s Bale who Pogba will be displacing and La Stampa say Juventus are set to receive €110m.

Mino Raiola will get a commission worth €10m+ according to the Italian newspaper. Once again, it’s worth pointing out that Raiola and Pogba had agreed a percentage cut of any transfer as part of the player’s contract with Juve, presumably the last one signed. This isn’t just straight agent commission.

Pogba is set to have a medical in Los Angeles, as one does, and we can probably expect more social media marketing games. Maybe, and this would be purely a Sport Witness hunch, Raiola and Pogba agreed to lower the percentage they were legally due, in turn for higher image remuneration elsewhere, which could explain the circus of the past week or so.

La Stampa say the deal can become official today and announced, not that it absolutely will. And who can blame them for not being absolute in the article, when Adidas and all involved are probably trying to work out the optimum announcement time worked on social media algorithms.