When Leicester City won the Premier League title in 2015, it’s fair to say they earned themselves fans all over the world.

Claudio Ranieri’s side did the impossible by beating the big teams and the bookies to that success, and it was a story that resonated with many.

It was a fairytale story, to say the least, one in which the underdog went up against several goliaths and came out on top despite pretty much everything being against them.

Coupled with a manager who had largely been written off and a modern hero in Jamie Vardy, a man who had worked his way up the divisions to be the hero of the piece, it was a story that many simply couldn’t resist loving.

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As a result, Leicester remain firm favourites the world over, and the latest to share their love is Cadiz star, Salvi Sánchez.

He was recently asked about his favourite club outside of Spain by El Desmarque and didn’t hesitate to name Leicester.

“I’ll stick with Leicester,” he said.

“A team that surprised the whole world and gave a lot of reasons to believe based on sacrifice.

“With Vardy at the head, who came from working on the building site and playing in the eighth division.”