Ronald Koeman is torn.

The Everton manager seems a man happy with his club’s transfer window, but always with the feeling there perhaps could have been more. It’s likely that would have been the case whatever Everton did, it’s simply part of Koeman’s competitive and ambitious make-up.

Koeman is also torn over the Premier League’s commitment to end the window early next year. Writing in his column for De Telegraaf, the Everton manager says it’s an ‘excellent decision’ but ‘I have a problem’ if the rest of Europe doesn’t do the same.

Whilst the Dutchman doesn’t feel it’s wise to leave transfer business until the end of the summer, he accepts it’s often an inevitability, and clubs can end up going for targets they didn’t previously envisage.

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The Everton manager says that despite planning otherwise, ‘option 3, 4 or 5’ became more realistic for his club at the end of the window. It doesn’t seem like a criticism of Everton, but more an explanation of that’s how things happen, the unexpected becomes conceivable as a window starts to close.

Koeman will want Everton to again try and get business done early next summer, which will surely mean starting transfer processes as early as May. It’s a World Cup season, and players will be required to join their countries at least a couple of weeks before the tournament.

Saying he’s ‘surprised that so many clubs have to do business at the last minute’, those in Everton’s transfer back-room may want to start planning around Christmas this time.