Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp’s agent has revealed the global pandemic has made his client’s job ‘more difficult’ at Anfield.

Marc Kosicke, the German’s representative has given a detailed interview to Sport1. His client lists include several managers, including Klopp, Young Boss coach David Wagner and VfL Wolfsburg boss Florian Kohfeldt.

Towards the end of the interview, he was asked if 2021 was ‘particularly hard or exciting’ for his clients. When asked specifically about Klopp, Kosicke said: “With Jürgen, topics came up that made the job more difficult. When you are in another country during the corona period and you always have to see who is healthy, who is not, what happens next and when you can visit the family.”

“We know that he gets headwinds when things don’t go well sporting wise. And we also know how something like this works. If someone has been so successful for so long, everyone is waiting for failure.”

Towards the end of 2019, the former Borussia Dortmund manager signed a new contract that will keep him at Liverpool until 2024. In the past, there have been reports linking Klopp to return to the Bundesliga.

Although there has been no recent claims, Kosicke did make an effort to rule out a move to Germany, when discussing the Bundesliga.

“The Bundesliga too small? Jürgen is a child of the Bundesliga and also follows them from a distance. He always squints over to Mainz 05 and BVB because he simply had a great time there. But he’s not even thinking about returning,” he explained.

“We never had a career plan and have always done well living and working in the now. Not only is the world of football dynamic, but also real life. We live in the here and now – that’s challenging enough.”

When specifically asked if Klopp can return to BVB, his agent stressed: “I can’t say. But in general, a warmed-up love always seems difficult.”

Bayern Munich are the most successful club in Germany and it was no surprise Klopp’s agent was asked about a possible move to the Bavarian club for his client in the future.

“That’s just as hard to imagine right now. In Jürgen’s head, there is currently no room for future planning besides Liverpool,” the agent added.

“In addition, Bayern will not have a deficit in the coaching position in the next few years. You have one of the best German coaches from the young generation who is also a true Bavarian. And he also has success. Looks like a perfect match.”