Earlier today, we brought the first part of an interview which Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has given to DAZN Brasil.

The Reds’ boss had been speaking about how the pandemic has been impacting lives, especially those who can’t meet family and friends after a long day at work, claiming it’s a ‘really tough’ situation.

Now in another part of that chat, Klopp also talked about how peculiar has this season been and how hard it is to stay on the same level they achieved last year, as well as suggesting Manchester City don’t need to be near-faultless like his side was in the last campaign.

The coach was first quizzed about Trent Alexander-Arnold, with reporter Renato Senise pointing out the fullback can’t find the great form he’s had in the past.

“It’s just difficult. The season he played before, was very difficult to play for such a young boy,” Klopp told DAZN Brasil.

“The only problem we have in the world, and not only football, we expect always the best. Always perfection. Someone’s not delivering, then it’s like ‘why is that happening?’.”

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Then Klopp himself changed the subject to the Premier League title race, claiming that this season clubs won’t need to be close to perfection to lift the trophy, seemingly trying to hint that Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City aren’t as good as Liverpool had been last year.

“Sometimes it’s just impossible because we’re human beings. And we’re always… not only Trent, or myself, or you, we’re all our biggest enemies. We all have to fight ourselves a lot of times. And if the circumstances aren’t perfect it’s difficult to play a perfect season.

“If you want to win the league, you must play a perfect season. As perfect as possible. This year, maybe, you must not play a perfect season, because, maybe if Manchester City win the league, it was for sure not a perfect season for them. But you have to be close to perfection. That’s really tricky.”