Estudiantes are in a hurry to seal the sale of Juan Foyth to Tottenham Hotspur.

La Plata newspaper El Dia, who have been following the situation closely, comes up with updates and reasons for the transfer today.

They claim the Argentine club need money to settle their debts with the AFA, standing at 49 million pesos (US$2.9m). In case they don’t manage it, they won’t be able to make more than four signings, and the federation will also take 50% of their TV rights’ money.

That’s why Foyth’s transfer to Tottenham is so welcome. Estudiantes are set to get a fee higher than US$10m, which will be enough to pay the debts and still spend on a few more players.

According to the newspaper, club president Juan Sebastian Veron travelled to Europe last night. He took a KLM flight to Frankfurt to later go to London, where he’s set to meet Tottenham and close the deal.

We like that kind of detail, it gives us faith there’s something in this.

El Dia still mentions the chance of the transfer not be closed, or Estudiantes not getting all the money up front. That’s a doubt they hadn’t shown in their previous reports, even though the optimism is still shown.

Mauricio Pochettino and Veron played together for Argentina, and the Estudiantes president may be hoping for a favour.