It’s ‘key hours’ for the future of Carlos Corberán, reports Radio Marca on Tuesday.

The Leeds United U23 coach has built his reputation working under Marcelo Bielsa at the Championship club, and as often happens that’s caught the attention of interested clubs.

A possible move to Cultural has been reported for a few days in Spain now, and also in the Yorkshire media closest to Leeds United.

Today’s slant is that those in charge at Elland Road don’t want to lose Corberán, which could lead to complications with that option for Cultural.

It’s explained Ivan Bravo and all his Aspire links could be used to try and smooth the possible move. Corberán’s future will likely depend on just how highly Victor Orta, and potentially Marcelo Bielsa, rate him.

The level of Bravo’s influence on any Leeds decision making isn’t made clear, but he’s clearly not going to be listened to over Orta and Bielsa.

Cultural have another option, José Manuel Aira could return to the club.