Kamil Grosicki is cursed when it comes to late transfers. He’s seen a couple fail in the past and this summer thought he had a dream opportunity to sign for Portuguese club Sporting.

Despite the Lisbon side going through a crisis period over the past few months, and things not looking settled yet, the Hull City player was very eager to make the move and give up a transfer to Turkey.

But everything collapsed at the last minute and Grosicki now faces up to another season at Hull City. The Polish footballer isn’t sulking, but it’s fair to say he’s not exactly thrilled with the situation, and has opened up on how he thinks it all happened.

Asked how he feels about another transfer falling to pieces, the Hull player is quoted by Weszlo as saying: “What should I say… Miracles are happening. This time it was supposed to be calmer. I flew to Turkey, I could sign the contract already at noon, but there was a specific offer from Sporting. I knew about the Portuguese interest earlier, but without any particulars. 

“I got on a plane flying to Turkey, I landed and picked up the phone and the matter had gained momentum. I got up in the morning, went through medical tests at Bursaspor, no one spoke, so it seemed that nothing would change. 

“And yet. From the information I received from the manager at Sporting, Hull offered a better offer than Turks, so I did not see any obstacles preventing it from happening. That is why the end is shocking for me. The English agreed to accept the worse offer from Bursa, and the better of Lisbon wasn’t accepted.”

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Asked if Hull City were simply overwhelmed because it was the last day of the window, Grosicki seemed to agree it could have been a factor: “Yes. It was the last day of the window, in England they have experience in these matters, they like to bargain, but the manager was convinced that the proposal must be accepted. 

“Hull was negotiating and I was even able to understand them a bit because they paid a lot of money for me. They have had the opportunity to regain a good part from such a large club. It happened differently. In this way, I was deprived of a chance for something big in my career. When I heard that Sporting wanted me, I did not think for a long time. Everything was correct. A big club, a good offer of an individual contract, playing in European competitions, a beautiful city. Every football player dreams about such a situation. It hurts that it failed.”

Whilst the attacker feels that fault lies with Hull City, he’s not going to sulk for the rest of the season, and explained: “It seems to me that in the club they know about the mistake made in the negotiations. What I should do now? I regret it, but I do not take offence. I need Hull, and Hull needs me. At the end of the window, the coach assured me that if I did not leave I would play and he would count on me.”