On Tuesday evening, we covered a claim from Italy that Leeds United are keen on Justin Lonwijk.

Eintracht Frankfurt and AS Roma were also said to be keen on the PSV youngster, with the Dutch club trying to get him to extend his contract beyond the end of the season.

Technically, clubs can sign the 19 year old on a free transfer, but will still have to pay a significant sum. Eindhoven Dagblad reports that training compensation, as FIFA rules dictate must be paid, would be €400k.

That’s doable for Leeds, but still a large amount to invest.

ED explain that PSV want to get a renewal but there are ‘hijackers’ waiting to snatch their player away.

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The player wants to ‘calmly consider things’, according to the Dutch report, because he knows that his next contract is crucial for his career. The midfielder has recently come back from a long injury layoff and is quickly showing his potential again.

ED don’t know which way it will go, but until Lonwijk commits, Leeds United clearly have a chance.