Christian Eriksen is once again the undisputed star of Danish football. Sure, Thomas Delaney is a welcome help at the moment, but it’s Tottenham’s Eriksen who stands tall as the star of the show.

Over the past year there have been suggestions of Kasper Dolberg wrestling the crown away, but that’s unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Eriksen has got Denmark dreaming about improbable World Cup qualification again, and his performances on the international stage are helping the Danish media hype their hero up.

Since the transfer window closed, Eriksen has scored two goals in two international matches, and that’s led Danish newspaper BT to bring some praise together, headlining it ‘Why did Barca waste time on Coutinho?’

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BT say Tottenham must be pleased Barcelona didn’t act on rumours and make a move for Eriksen.

It must be remembered that those are rumours were encouraged mainly by the Danish media, who went Eriksen to Barcelona crazy in June, for no clear reason, and then got almost as excited again in August.

Danish over excitement, and turning nothing-rumours into something more, shouldn’t hide the Tottenham player’s suitability for Barcelona. Whilst it’s fun to enjoy the Danish media’s obsession with the rumour, it’s got to be said it’s not the world’s craziest idea, and it’s fair to raise it again after the Coutinho failure.

It’s not too hard to imagine some Danish sport reporters have been sitting on their fingers trying not to repeatedly type: ‘FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THE FOOTBALL GODS, JUST SIGN CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN’

Barcelona’s main problem with Eriksen, and potentially why he hasn’t been a serious candidate, is that Tottenham, if anything, would be harder to deal with than Liverpool.